Disability Insurance

What Is Disability Insurance?

  • Disability insurance provides you income if you are no longer able to work due to accident or illness. 
  • It allows you to continue paying your bills, even if you are not able to work.
  • Disability income insurance is one of the most important ways to protect your family and assets.

Should I Get Disability Insurance?

Each year, approximately one in eight people becomes disabled. Unfortunately, many of them have to worry not only about their health, but also about replacing their salary. Almost everyone protects their families from loss due to death with life insurance. Surprisingly few have protected themselves from disability even though there is a much greater likelihood of becoming disabled than passing away in your younger years. 

Many people are provided disability insurance through their employers, but the self-employed, the professional, and the business owner are challenged with finding adequate disability coverage in the type and amounts they need. As part of our comprehensive financial planning process, we will identify possible gaps in your current risk management plan and we will help you find appropriate solutions to protect your family.