Giving Back

Giving Back to Our Community

"Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness.” 
            - Martin Luther King Jr.



McCarthy & Cox Cares Community Fund

Tom McCarthy and Jim Cox established the McCarthy & Cox Cares Community Fund in 2013. The charitable fund is held at the Union County Foundation. The mission is to enhance the quality of life in our community by donating money to various worthwhile causes.

Grants to date:

2013       2014    
Month Company / Event Grant         Month Company / Event Grant
Nov St John's MMO - Loving in Actions and in Truth 500   March North Union School - Wash DC trip / Protigy Travel 300
Dec Union County Sheriff's Office - EAP 500   March Families Matter - Union Co Juvenile Court Fund 3,500
Jan Loving Care Hospice 500   May American Red Cross / Windsor Fire Fund 1,000
Feb Union County Military Family Support 500   July Y (2 youth leagues) 250
Mar The Hope Center - meals 500   July Memorial Meals 500
Apr American Red Cross  (Hurricane in the Philippines) 500   July Family in Need 500
Dec The Hope Center - Christmas Hams 200   Nov The Hope Center 1,000
    3,200   Nov Union County Military Family Support Group 500
        Nov Union County Volunteer Guardians Program 500
        Nov Magnetic Springs United Methodist Church 1,500
2015           9,550
Month Company / Event Grant        
Sept Hope Center - EAP (Farmer re: Utilities) 721.1   2016    
Sept The Hope Center - EAP 1,000   Date Company / Event Grant
Sept Magnetic Springs UMC 1,500   May Maryhaven | PAX teacher training 700
Sept Marmon Valley Farms  500   May St Johns MMO 1,000
Sept Breast Cancer Fund of Ohio 500   May North Union Personal Needs Pantry | Backpacks 500
Sept Union County Cancer Society 500   May UC Guardianship | Volunteer training 696
Sept Marysville Choral (pledged - waiting on final request) 500   June Hope Center - EAP 1,225
Dec Care Train (2 girls) 190.48   June Hope Center - Community Kitchen 1,000
Dec  Families Matter 1,000       5,121
Dec The Hope Center - EAP 579.93        
  Total Donations to Date: 24,862.51        

Tom and Jim recognize that they owe all of their success to their clients who have placed their trust and confidence in them and allowed them the opportunity to serve them. As such, they have a group of five existing clients on the board to help advise where the funds should go. The inaugural board consists of: Milt Kageyama, Wils Van Dam, Carolyn Mitchell, Carolyn Ohler, and Rick Collier.

For more information about the McCarthy & Cox Cares Community Fund, contact Becky at or 937.644.0351.

Whether by donating money or volunteering our time, over the years, McCarthy & Cox has given back to our community through a number of charitable and
non-profit organizations, including:



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